Rie Rasmussen To Remake David Cronenberg's Shivers

shiversI first encountered Rie Rasmussen as an actress, popping up ina  small part in Brian De Palma's Femme Fatale then in the lead role of Luc Besson's Angel-A. Then, in 2008 she directed Human Zoo, an idiosyncratic, explosively aggressive drama about immigration in modern Europe.

She since directed another film, Romance in the Dark, which I've never seen so much as a trailer for, and for her third, is set to remake David Cronenberg's Shivers.

The original film came up here just a week back when we were talking about JG Ballard's High Rise. It's a nightmare of urban living, detailing the collapse of civilisation into an orgiastic frenzy, facilitated by a grotesque sexually transmitted disease.

Or, arguably, the orgiastic frenzy is facilitating the sexually transmitted disease. It's all a question of point of view.

Variety have some quotes from producer Jeff Sackman:

This is an opportunity to bring Shivers to audiences in our current era and reminds me of cutting-edge films I've had the opportunity to work on previously, including American Psycho, Buffalo 66 and Young People Fucking.

Charged with "updating" Shivers' screenplay is screenwriter Ian Driscoll. I wish him, and Rasmussen, the best of luck.