Robocop Gets A New Writer

MGM continue trying to crack the titanium nut.

While director Jose Padilha keeps working on his planned Robocop reboot, there's been a charge of screenwriter. Newly on board is Nick Schenk, who has also been working with Padilha on Tri-Border, a drug smuggling thriller that the director has been self-financing. Schenk also wrote Gran Torino so… oh. Yeah. I can't really say I was a big fan of that one, but I wouldn't really put the blame on the screenplay so much.

Schenk's appointment to Robocop duty suggests, if nothing else, that Padilha himself is looking to get this right, and is calling for the collaborators he wants to  help with that.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGM are hoping to get the reboot rolling this Summer.