Rumourous Growths: Fantastic Four Reboot Casting

Ev'rybody's talking Fantastic Four, so let's eavesdrop a little.

But… before we get to the casting rumours, there's one other little point of discussion: title of the upcoming reboot. Until now, the blogosphere was happy to call the movie Fantastic Four: Reborn. Seems like a viable option, but Screen Rant say this is definitely not the case. They don't have a replacement handle to offer us, however so our OCD inflicted hivemind will just have to keep guessing. My hunch – and nothing but – is that they'll use the word Doom in the title somewhere.

The Rant do have some casting gossip too. Here's what they say about the possible frontrunners for Mr. Fantastic himself, Reed Richards:

According to my sources, Fox is currently pursuing high caliber talent to play the man whose ability allows him to not only act as the local genius, but to be completely elastic. The two actors in the running for the Fantastic Four lead part are Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Adrien Brody.

Brody? Isn't he rumoured for all of these strip-to-screen movies at some point? And I thought Reed was supposed to be smooth and super-charming? That's not Brody's strong suit. Meanwhile, Rhys Meyers seems a touch too much like Ioan Gruffudd, Fox's last prisoner in this role. Daft choices, I think. And they seem so… different. Maybe they've been selected for their real life stretching and bending abilities.

As far as casting the Fantastic Femme is concerned, Comic Book Movie is spotlighting the Amber Heard rumour that seems to be quite popular on forums and messageboards. According to their story, she has met with Fox several times to discuss playing Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman.

Amber Heard. What a dull idea.

It's only a few days since Alice Eve was revealed to have jumped ship over at X-Men:First Class and inevitable rumours about her possible casting as Ms. Storm appeared. I guess she's popular with geeks right now.

There's a little bit in the CBM report that says Fox won't press on with a new Fantastic Four until they see how successful their next X-Men is. That is the kind of illogic that studios apply quite commonly, so I could easily believe it is true, but if that is the case, these casting rumours are leaking rather early, don't you think?