Sacha Baron Cohen Will No Longer Be Playing Freddie Mercury


Sacha Baron Cohen often seems to be a somewhat misunderstood comedian.

I think he's far more subversive and interesting than he often gets credit for but I wonder if that edge and satirical eye may have something to do with the news reaching us today that he's pulled out of the Freddie Mercury biopic.

Deadline broke the news and Variety quickly confirmed it, both citing those dreaded words, "creative differences".

Cohen reportedly tried to get the film made with Peter Morgan writing and with directors such as David Fincher and Tom Hooper, but was unable to get the band to agree on a director. They weren't happy with Fincher or Hooper? It's hard to imagine who would sit right with them if those two names really were a problem for them.

The band also allegedly wanted more of a PG-13 film but Cohen wanted more of a "gritty R-rated tell-all". A gritty R-rated tell-all biopic of Freddie Mercury directed by David Fincher and starring Sacha Baron Cohen? I'd see that in a heartbeat.

Although the report at Deadline doesn't suggest so I would hazard a guess that the tell-all part was a particular sticking point for the surviving members of Queen. They are no doubt keen to preserve a particular image and are reluctant to jeopardise that.

Cohen will most likely next be seen in a spy spoof and according to Variety he has been taking meetings with Louis Leterrier and DJ Caruso. Based on their films to date I kind of hope those meetings don't last too long.