Scorsese's Sinatra Looks Like A Lip-Syncing Leonardo DiCaprio, In 3D

Martin Scorsese's Hugo is currently getting its ass kicked by Kermit at the US box office, though please, nobody mention Breaking Dawn.

Perhaps a tiny bit of Hugo's problem is in how the films were promoted: for The Muppets, a healthy number of folk got to interview Kermit and Piggy and Walter and so on; for Hugo, there's been a handful of interviews with Scorsese and some of the cast.

One of these interviews was conducted by MTV and, as is the way in these things, conversation moved off of the film in hand and onto future projects.

Scorsese shot down a rumoured Taxi Driver sequel (a what?) but said that, if all goes to plan, he'll instead be reuniting with Robert De Niro on The Irishman, a long-time-coming mob drama based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses. This, said The Scorcher, should be shooting "in the next year or so." Right after The Snowman, then?

Beyond that, a Sinatra biopic. And this is where Marty started scattering the most interesting and amusing details.

Phil Alden Robinson, the writer-director of Field of Dreams and Sneakers, had written a script for the film, but Scorsese says this has now been scrapped and they'll be starting again. Leonardo DiCaprio is still in the frame for the lead role, however, but you needn't worry about his singing inability.

No, because Scorsese says that his "instinct" is to have DiCaprio lip-sync as the audience "wouldn't accept" an impostor. I don't know – we enter into all sorts of strange agreements with a biopic, and the sudden intrusion of the real Frank might shatter that. Would need to be tested, perhaps.

The final word on the film came when MTV asked him if the film would be, like Hugo, shot in 3D. Scorsese said:

Why not? Open your minds.

It's pretty sad that minds are so closed to 3D, I agree. Filmmakers have barely got started with it.

So we've had a vision of the future delivered, and it looks like a 3D Leonardo DiCaprio lip-syncing to Ol' Blue Eyes. What do you make of that?