Sharknado Getting Limited Cinema Release, Audience Being Invited To Tweet Along During Screenings


I've sadly still not seen Sharknado, but I'd like to. If given the opportunity I'd be very happy to see it on a cinema screen too. But I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to watching films in the cinema. It needs to be quiet and it needs to be dark.

So I'm probably not the target audience for the upcoming Tweet-along midnight screenings of Sharknado at various Regal Cinemas across America on August the 2nd, as reported at THR.

I imagine these are going to be pretty popular though, despite the film having already played on TV. And with audiences being encouraged to Tweet whilst watching the film SyFy are almost guaranteed another Twitter storm on August the 2nd.

Sharknado managed to capture a lot of buzz on social networks, Twitter in particular, and SyFy are playing a pretty smart move here in trying to capitalise on this.

A sequel to Sharknado is already in the works and is expected to premiere on SyFy in 2014. The film has not yet been named and SyFy want you to pick its title, again attempting to encourage an engagement with their audience. So if you have an idea, Tweet @SyFYMovies with your suggestion. The more ridiculous the better I imagine.

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