Sigourney Weaver Coming Back For Full Avatar Trilogy, Will Take On New Forms

SWAMP_THING_7We've known for a while that Sigourney Weaver will come back for the Avatar sequels, even while we didn't know just how many of them there would be, and I've been telling you to keep Swamp Thing in mind that whole time.

Weaver has recently been cornered by Vulture, and she's given some more specific details on what she'll be doing:

It will be challenging for me. I can't talk about it, but my part is a little different in each one. I'll transform somewhat. We'll have to talk again when I survive this. For now, I'm going to skittle around and enjoy this leisure time.

Not really a surprise, I don't think, but I am intrigued to find out even more. What will it mean if the spirit of Weaver's character undergoes these different transformations? What will each 'phase' be, and what why? I'm sure James Cameron has some good ideas here, but I can't even start to fathom out where he's going with this.