Silent Hill Set Picture Pile-Up Hints At Horror

As production continues on Michael J Bassett'Silent Hill Revelations 3D, which is easier to type with authority than it is to say, several pieces of outdoor set and props have come into play. They're public enough that several flickr users were able to wander up, and around, and fire off a series of shots. There were enough people taking pictures, that sometimes they appear in one another's images.

Here are a variety of snaps, from different users. The one at the top of the post was from Eric Parker.

These are from Felaw.

These are from Cyrzan.

These are from BruceK

These are from EvidencE

These are from Sajak551

And this vista is from Kham Chang

I think we can see an old favourite hiding in one of the pictures, don't you?

UPDATE: Apparently, the image I'm referring to here wasn't appearing in all browsers, so I changed the order of some code and voila…