Sony Want Revamped Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel Rolling By Years End

Sony recently suggested that they would push ahead and get going on sequels to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo despite the slow-ish box-office of this first installment. We now have a slightly better idea of what their specific game plan is.

According to Deadline the studio wants to get the second film shooting by around a year from now. There's no talk of a schedule for the third part, but David Fincher has stated clearly that he'd prefer to shoot adaptations of the second and third books back-to-back.

Not that Fincher has been signed to direct. Yet. It seems that the studio still want him, it's likely just a matter of them all working out deals. I'd imagine the two-for-one scheduling would be a point in the negotiations.

Steve Zaillian has already written a draft for The Girl Who Played With Fire, and he's apparently overhauled the novel's structure to bring Lisbeth Salander front and centre.

Despite the title, she's fairly absent in the novel, and that's maybe not such a saleable proposition. Sony seem to be positioning her, as a character, much the way one would a superhero, or James Bond, perhaps. And I've seen it in the audience reactions too, with a great number of fans responding to Salander in particular.

I can't even start to guess what changes Zaillian has made. There were significant alterations between novel and screen last time, and if he's going all out to include Salander, he could well be reshaping from chapter one, and drastically.

There's another change to come on the marketing side. Sony seem to be placing some of the blame for the first film's lukewarm ticket sales on its Christmas release date. What this means for when we'll get to see the next installments is anybody's guess, but I'm thinking the height of summer would be every bit as likely to cause problems.