Sunday Convention: Off To Caption We (Don't) Go

Today may be a little on the slow side… I'm (not)  off to Caption, the small press comics convention in Oxford, for a quiet Sunday. Still, I'll have a small report on my return and there's at least one article queued up for later as well. If Jamie McKelvie lets me out from under his hypnotic stare. (UPDATE: Looks like I'm stuck at home instead. Ah well.)

image3992Wouldn't you love your cartoon strip on an advertising billboard? It's happening here, in St Richmond. And they are after entrants for the next one, due in a month. So, if you want your comic strip to make DC's Wednesday Comics look like the tiny wee thing it really is, get filling in that entrants form.

Or just create a superhero and/or villain for the Facebook Comic Con.

Vimanika Comics gets some press back home, creating Indian-style comics for the US, UK and Indian market with Sixth based on Karna from the Mahabharata, Mokshas based on Hanuman and Parshuram and noe Dashaavatar.

From Oxford to Omaha… everyone wants a convention. Watch out, WizardWorld might just buy you out and, um, not change your name…

And George Perez is spotted and interviewed at a very different kind of convention, Fetish Con who tells Tampa Bay Online, "I'm a big Fetish Con fan. It's wonderful to meet these free-spirited people. Everyone here is accepted for whatever their kinky bend is." The paper tells us that Perez is attending for "the superhero catfights." Fetish Con runs from 11am to 3pm today, at the Hyatt Regency in Tampa. I expect there may be more than just the one crossover with the likes of San Diego Comic Con.

blackestnights4afwonderwomanThe mysterious Wonder Woman Blackest Night Figure teased at San Diego will still not be revealed today, but at least this glowy figure teaser art will be. Apparently, she is "surprisingly transformed by
the happenings of the Blackest Night"

Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, meets comics.

Josh Neufeld will be showing a presentation on his graphic novel A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge on Thursday evening at Domy Books, 1709 Westheimer, Houston.

Oh and

Tomorrow afternoon his mother will arrive and sit next to his bed with a new copy of The Beano and The Dandy and, in a paper bag, the Oor Wullie annual he was not allowed for Christmas, because it is full of rough talk and ways that nobody decent should behave.

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