Sunday Runaround – Frank Quitely Goes Down The Pan

VoteWatch: The Eagle awards voting continue apace

SuckWatch: Todd Allen celebrates non-sucking comics that sell under 20,000

ExhibitWatch: Of Maus and Men(sch) is an exhibit created by students in English professor Judith Lewin's Freshman Year Preceptorial, "Jewish + Graphic + Novel," is open in the Periodicals Reading Room at Schaffer Library.

It runs through April 15.

The course, held winter term, focused on reading graphic novels written by Jews on Jewish subjects, learning critical analysis and learning to write college-level essays. "We investigated the creation of the graphic novel genre, its terminology and visual and textual logic, and why and how it became associated with Jews and Jewish issues," said Lewin.

Working in teams, students designed small displays around a variety of themes, including representations of Jews and non-Jews in Jewish graphic novels; love, family and feminism; guilt; inhumanity; and the appeal of graphic novels to the college student.

"I had never read a graphic novel and assumed that all graphic novels were comic books like Spiderman and Archie comics," said Alix Cantor '14. "I really enjoyed learning about a whole new medium and genre in literature."

"The uniqueness of each student as well as insight to their personal connection with the works of the class are perfectly reflected in the cases on exhibit in the library," said Tom Raymond '14, whose topic was "Images of Non-Jews."

WhatHappensWhenMarvel SayTheyAreGoingToGiveOutFreeStuffWatch:

Sunday Runaround – Frank Quitely Goes Down The Pan


BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

WC11: Pak Explores the Red Skull's Origins – Comic Book Resources

What of Schmidt's early life, though? What kind of man was he before he met Hitler? And how did the dictator's training impact him? Writer Greg Pak and artist Mirko Colak ("Secret Warriors") will answer those questions and more in July when they kick off the five issue "Red Skull" miniseries.

Moebius on his art, fading eyesight and legend: 'I am like a unicorn' | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

After all the years I have a problem with my eyes. In my left eye I have the cataract. They took my eye out, they took it to a shop. They did the sort of sushi chef stuff to it" — here he does a chopping-board pantomime — "and they put it back and now it is special. It is like the Terminator and his android eye. The vision in my left eye is different in the right eye and it is very difficult to have the skill I had.

PIGS #1 cover by the incomparable @jock4twenty… on Twitpic

Sunday Runaround – Frank Quitely Goes Down The Pan

Simonson Thor Artist's Edition

Cover.Sunday Runaround – Frank Quitely Goes Down The Pan

Vidéo Ina – Du tac au tac : émission du 21 octobre 1972, vidéo Du tac au tac : émission du 21 octobre 1972, vidéo – Archives vidéos :

Moebius, Neal Adams, Joe Kubert 1972 French TV

laura_hudson's photos – The new Frank Quitely illustrated toilet cover at Isotope comics | Plixi

The new Frank Quitely illustrated toilet cover at Isotope comicsSunday Runaround – Frank Quitely Goes Down The Pan

Interactive comics you don't need a touchscreen for…. | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

Planches en vrac ou à la découpe: A fantastic looking exhibition with some really experimental ideas of comics produced by Etienne Lécroart – real physical comics, painted on wood, arranged, cut, hinged and ready to manipulate. It's the sort of thing you see a lot in the online world of hypercomics et al, but to see it in physical form is just wonderful.

Tim Seeley: WOLVY digital cover

For a Marvel digital comic written by renowned butcher/chef CHRIS COSENTINO.

Sunday Runaround – Frank Quitely Goes Down The Pan

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