Sunday's Flowers, Names, Weddings, Apocalypse And A Birthday Song

Frank Cho painting Poison Ivy at the Baltimore Comic Con. Detail from a photo taken by tacsatduck.


D. Gibbons in FlashForward? Totally named after Dave Gibbons. Official.


Congratulations to Mike Baron got remarried this weekend, to one Anne Fisher, who he met at a motorcycle show. Photos and details can be found here, including this one with Steve Rude towering over Mike.


Brit bargains in November… a 368 page X-Men/New Avengers: Utopia Hardcover down from £30 to £13.29 on Amazon, that's 56% off, free shipping in the UK. Might even be a deal if you include shipping back to the States… and will also be cheaper for most UK retailers to order this item from Amazon than from Diamond.

With the debut of the Magog ongoing comic book series and the previous publication of New Year's Evil: Gog one-shot, isn't DC Comics ushering in the Apocalypse as according the Book of Revelations? Aren't Gog and Magog signs of the end of the world? No way Morrison hasn't realised that…

Tpday would have been the fiftieth birthday of one of my favourite singer/songwriters, Kirsty MacColl. People will be gathering in Soho Square in a two hours to sing her songs. I'm sure I'll be humming one or two in my head…

Yes, in those shoes.

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