Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Vincent And The Doctor

As ever, spoiler warnings for anyone who doesn't watch Doctor Who in the UK or by nefarious means. A quick look at yesterday's episode.

Which, after David Icke's Underground Jews/Palestinians, is much welcome.

1. Colour Me Happy

One thing that the first episode started out with at least was an immense sense of the use of colour to tone a story. The rich reds of Amelia Pond's dress, the blues of the house, the dark greens of a nighttime garden, it burst out of the screen and signalled a fresh start. One that has been sadly wasted in recent weeks, even with those multicolour iDaleks. Fittingly it's back this week, with a Vincent Van Gogh episode,even if no one can decide how to say his name, bursting with yellows and oranges, then contrasting with the rich heavy darks,  and soul-sucking blues, the episode itself becoming a Van Gogh-style painting.

2. Four Sunflowers And A Funeral

And this is a Richard Curtis episode, but without the usual crutches that he uses – aside from Bill Nighty, he's here. But the Doctor isn't a foppish foolish Englishman who wins the girl, in fact there's no rah! rah! rah! Britishness at all. In this case it seems to be the Dutchman, albeit with the Scottish accent, who tickles Amy's fancy.

3. He Sees Things

Things that are invisible to us, yet he reveals them to us through his vision, his paintings, hell, he even kills the beast with his easel stand, how symbolic can you get. And then it gets all literal with Vincent looking at the stars and seeing them as his distinctive painting swirls.

4. The Elephant In The Room

The Doctor being nice to Amy, the tears that she doesn't have seen by Vincent, the Doctor's slip over calling Vincent Rory… this isn't going away any time soon.

5. The Big Chicken In The Room

It's a big chicken. A big blind, lost, alone chicken. Say, I wonder if it lay any eggs.

6. The Timeline Is Really Screwed Up Here

Okay, only for Gogh spods this one, but "Between 1st and 3rd of June, 1890. Less than a year before he killed himself."  More like less than two months. He also painted Sunflowers In A Vase two years previously. Wheat Fields With Crows was painted in July 1890, after the events in this episode. Oh and Vincent seems to have all his ear lobes. Not to mention where he was living and when. Just put it all down to timey wimey and be done with it.

7. William Hartnell Gets Trundled Out Again

Just to give the fanboys their shits and giggles. And while we're at it let's have Troughton too…

8. Gogh Paintings Just Make His House Look Like A Student Bedsit

Also the light source on some of the paintings does show them up as prints just a little bit…

9. Blubbiness

Yeah, this is a bit of a weepie. Vincent Van Gogh seeing the recognition that escaped him all his life. Bill Nighy doing a lovely little double take. Vincent still killing himself. And Amy seeing her name. And Coldplayesque pop music bursting through. Blub blub blub.

10. Oh Look, Vincent's In Next Week's Episode As Well

Well, on the side of a fridge anyway… almost obscuring two of Britaibn's Favourite Comedy Actors. Will this be Human Nature? Or Love & Monsters?

Well, there will be more significance for this episode to come – an upcoming show has the description "A Van Gogh painting is ferried across thousands of years, communicating a disturbing prophecy for The Doctor."… probably the Portrait Of Dr Gachet, as it appears that a certain Howard Lee will be playing Gachet in a future episode.

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