That's What She Said: Varied Levels Of Swearing And Anatomical Discussion In Red And Green Band Trailers

Carrie Preston's sex comedy That's What She Said seems to better earn the title That's What She Shouted from these two new trailers.

The first is "Green Band" and therefore apparently suitable for watching in front of all but the least reasonable bosses and grandmothers. That's with a dry humping scene and all. The opening card actually says that the MPAA have considered the trailer "approved for appropriate audiences" but don't tell you who that might actually be.

And then there's a "Red Band" trailer which has other shots, and other dialogue, but just the same level of shouting.

I've gotten the impression from folk who saw this picture at Sundance that Marci DeBonis is actually prominent in the film, but this trailer has relegated her somewhat. The same folk also told me that the film was pretty crass and not too funny.

Still, it's a film made by women about women and that's a disproportionately rare thing… though I guess that only makes it all the more disappointing for us when such a film turns out to be a turkey.

Thanks to Collider for the embeds.