The Grim Reaper, A Little Devil And Scary Masks – Images From The Set Of Jodorowsky's Dance Of Reality

Production wrapped last Friday on The Dance of Reality, or La Danza De La Realidad, Alejandro Jodorowsky's autobiopic and his first film in over twenty years. After I passed on news of the project's completion, Little Bleeder Mxy sent me a link to a Chilean newspaper article on the shoot, and the following images of Jodorowsky and his cast in action.

Though it's an autobiopic, many of the details here are images consistent with Jodorowsky's fiction films. And while Jodorowsky will tell us that these things actually happened, I expect, and that his artistic sensibilities were inspired by his youth, I'm thinking it's more likely this representation of his youth has been coloured by his artistic sensibilities. Not that that's a bad thing.

There's very little to be gleaned from the full newspaper article because, as the journalist points out, everybody involved in the film had been prohibited from talking to the press. These pictures were only possible because they showed scenes being filmed in public.

More on The Dance of Reality as it makes its way towards release.