These Six Character Posters For Bridesmaids Play The Spice Girls Card

There's an innocent one, a wild one, an… erm… dishonourable one? A getting married one? Okay, they aren't just a set of adjectives, like Ginger, Sporty, Posh et al, but these character posters for Bridesmaids are tapping into something a touch Spice Girls-y. or Bratz-y. Or Seven Dwarfs-y.

It appears to be the same trick that made packs of women flock to the Sex and the City movies, then loudly discuss who was most like who during the pre-show advertainments.

Thanks to ComingsoonSheKnowsHitfixYahoo, Moviefone and MSN Movies for premiering the images. Shame they didn't all use the same pixel resolution.

Now, I'm going to bed. By the time I get up, the film's Red Band trailer will have turned up at MySpace and I'll be rested enough to make a new post. In theory. In the meantime, anyway, just check that link.