Thirteen Things I Learned About This Weekend's Conventions

heroMid-size publishers like Avatar, Dynamite and Aspen REALLY benefitted from a lack of Marvel and DC on the convention floor at Wizard World Philadelphia, with reports of insane levels of business and queues for the likes of Garth Ennis snaking around the show.

WizardWorld and HeroesCon really shouldn't schedule against each other.

Nikki Clyne, Cally from Battlestar Galactica, thought the writers were joking when she read her airlock death scene…

Jonathan Hickman prefers watching a football game to signing at Heroes Con.

If you are involved with Long Beach Convention, and were once a Wizard employee, you will be barred from Wizard World Philadelphia – not just Steve Hovekes (who paid to exhibit at the weekend show in advance) but Mike Scigliano also, who received a phone call from a Wizard lawyer.

Girls like Power Girl more than boys. A lot more.

A lot of comic fans haven't heard of Chew and are going around saying "What? What? What is this thing, why is it so popular?" A CGC copy just went for over $200 on eBay.

Jimmy Palmiotti has decided from now on to stop drinking after the bar turns the lights on.

Arune Singh mentioned Marvel Digital Comics as an answer to every question posed to him by fans. Possibly including where the nearest bathroom was. "But you'll have to wait six months."

At WizardWorld you could buy six John McCain dolls for $5.

Evan Van Sciver is a hoot. At one HeroesCon DC panel, Ian Sattler said "When DC charges you $3.99 or $4.99 a month, it's because we add stuff". Van Sciver added "It's not because someone at Marvel is hungry."

Lots of people were asking about Jim McCann's next writing gig at Marvel. including Jim McCann.

Oh, and the end of comic shops as we know it starts here, with multi-publisher, multiplatform digital comics subscription service Project: Longbox.

Image copywright Mike Wieringo.

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