Thursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root Beer

TrailerWatch: The Dark Knight Rises trailer is back online… for a bit.

HotelWatch: A number of San Diego Comic Con hotels have opened up today. A Little Bleeder just confirmed they got a room at the Hyatt.

SodaWatch: From a supermarket shelf in Park City, Utah…

Thursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root Beer

Note that the A&W brand is owned by Dr Pepper/Seven Up.  Thor appeared on Dr Pepper product throughout April, May and June. Note that DC pulped a comic run because Superman drank a root beer on the cover.

SwipeWatch: DC's free comic for San Diego next week… and Marvel's Mix Tape preview comic format from previous shows.

Thursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root BeerThursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root Beer

ByrneWatch: John Byrne bans discussion of the Captain America movie on his boards.

ArrrrrWatch: Mark Millar, the pirate.

"I disapprove of all downloads. But suppose a guy WAS to download Curb Season 8. Where would that son of a bitch go to DO such a thing…?"

"Thx to all for helping my, uh, friend with his Curb needs. But he just downloaded something called an Avi and it won't play on his machine."

"Ah, @burbankmisfits has hooked my friend up, but I'd like to say I'm disappointed. Can I just take this moment to CONDEMN ALL ONLINE PIRACY?"

£1000Watch: The Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize is inviting Brits to submit a four-page comic with the winner receiving £1,000,the runner-up £250, and their story in The Observer Review.

Bryan Talbot and David Nicholls join Rachel Cooke, Suzanne Dean, Dan Franklin and Paul Gravett on the judging panel.

MillerWatch: Rereading The Dark Knight Returns in depth.

Thursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root BeerThis is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

A couple of extraordinary gentlemen chat – Pádraig talks to Alan Moore about the new LOEG Century | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

"Other things that I remember from the 1960s was how all the psychedelic culture, yes, it crossed over with mystical culture, it also crossed over with criminal culture, as perhaps best exemplified in films like Performance. What we've got in 1969, in keeping with the League's usual practice, is that we've got a world entirely composed of references to the culture of that period, or around that period. So we're taking bits from various films, television series, books, comics, any culture of that time we're working into the fabric of our story, and me and Kevin personally think that this is the best League episode yet, and the job that Ben Dimagmaliw has done on the actual colour is wonderful, and Todd Klein's done his usual marvellous job on the lettering. So it's looking wonderful."

Thursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root BeerNew Lo-Res Spider-Man Photos From EW –

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly features The Amazing Spider-Man on the cover and an article on the anticipated summer 2012 release with new photos. The issue hasn't hit stores yet, but Sony Pictures debuted a first look at the magazine on The Insider. Scoopers 'itsleroy' and 'Vid Electricz' were able to take some low resolution photos of the magazine pages as they were moving on screen which you can check out below.

'Witchblade' taps new writer for its resident superheroine –

Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley takes the reins of the Top Cow series Witchblade beginning with issue 151 (out Oct. 26), stepping in for Ron Marz, who is departing for an upcoming title with artist Stjepan Sejic. Kato duo Diego Bernard and Fred Benes have been tapped as the new pencil-and-ink team.

Dramatic Reading – Vengeance #1‬‏ – YouTube

After reviewing Vengeance #1 for episode 4 of Flavourful Reviews, we couldn't help but step back and show off just how terrible some of that book actually is.


Batman Vehicles Arrive on the Pittsburgh Set | Superhero Hype

Thanks to scoopers 'Validus Monstrum' and 'ron' we've got a look at the Batmobile, Batpod (mostly covered) and a Gotham Police SWAT truck arriving on the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises.

Thursday Runaround – Captain America Can Drink A Root Beer

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