Tickets For The Frightfest Halloween All-Nighter Go On Sale Tonight

As well as the mothership event over the August bank holiday weekend, Frightfest also manage two more programs a year similarly stuffed with premieres and other special screenings.

There's the Glasgow session, in February; and then, for Halloween, they hold an all-nighter in London.

The tickets for this year's all-nighter go on sale at 6pm tonight, both at the Vue Leicester Sq for in-person bookings; and via the Vue website.

Here's the schedule of this year's films, as screening on Saturday October 27th.

6.30pm Excision – UK premiere

Black comedy horror film with Annalynne McCord having strange fantasies about surgery. John Waters, Malcolm McDowell and Traci Lords have supporting roles.

81 mins, Dir. Richard Bates, USA 2012

9.00pm The Surprise Film – UK Premiere

I'll bet you anything it's Neil Jordan's Byzantium. Anyhow, surprise films are a lot of fun.

TBA – but note that they've left a very long gap in the schedule here.

11.45pm The Tall Man – UK Premiere

From the director of Martyrs – but altogether lighter. Perhaps inevitably. Features Jessica Biel, lots of Slender Man-inspired imagery and, I understand, a comic book by Josh Adams.

99 mins, Dir. Pascal Laugier, USA 2012

2.15am Bait 3D – UK Premiere

Sharks, in a flooded supermarket. In 3D. Surprisingly, this looks more like The Mist than Piranha 3DD. The cast is better looking and juicier than in The Mist, however.

90 mins, Dir. Kimble Rendall, Australia 2012

4.00am Zombie Flesheaters, aka Zombi 2, aka Zombie Island

Talking of sharks… Here's Lucio Fulci's classic, restored. If you don't know the film, check out this old YouTube embed of a famous clip.

And that's not even the best bit.

89 mins, Dir. Lucio Fulci, Italy 1979

5.45am The Helpers – UK Premiere

Things round out with something modern and rather middle-of-the-road sounding, from the director of You Got Served of all things. Here's the official blurb:

Seven friends on a road trip to Las Vegas break down in the desert. They find help at a nearby Motel and it seems like they've lucked out with a group of good Samaritans. Yet when they wake in their rooms the next day, they are bound up, tied down and posed in several different weird scenarios. Each ending only one way – painful, gruesome death. Who is responsible for such fiendishly clever bloody terror?

82 mins, Dir. Christopher B. Stokes USA 2012

I can tell you that the atmosphere during Zombie Flesheaters is going to be electric. Enough people in that room are going to know, and really love, the film to get things cooking nicely.

Less predictable will be the special appearances, previews and surprise bonuses scattered throughout the night, but they're going to happen. It's the Frightfest way.

And so Frightfest go from strength to strength. I don't think you'll have to be on the phone at 6pm on the dot to get a ticket for this event, but I do expect they'll sell out pretty quickly. See you there?