Tom Hardy Researching For Al Capone Role In Not One But Three Possible Movies With David Yates

Tom Hardy Researching For Al Capone Role In Not One But Three Possible Movies With David YatesThe last word on Cicero came along back in the summer, one of a few new projects that Harry Potter alum David Yates was stacking on his plate. Based on a re-purposed TV pilot script that The Wild Bunch and Terminator 2's Walon Green had originally written in the 70s, the project is designed to tell the story of Al Capone's rise to power and prominence.

At the time, Yates was looking to recruit Tom Hardy as Capone, and to maybe squeeze in filming before losing the actor to Mad Max: Fury Road. That didn't happen yet, and with Fury Road is getting close to shooting it might have been easy to assume the project had just slipped by the wayside.

Not so, says Tom Hardy. He's been speaking to The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye about his ongoing research for the role:

I've been working with Warner Bros, watching their gangster films — the ones with James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson. It's interesting to get them, and a bit of Capone, into the bloodstream. You look at pugnacious James Cagney in The Public Enemy and see how this guy rises up to become a kingpin in Chicago.

Not a bad choice of role model – in the sense of being a model for this role, not for life.

It sounds like the plan to shoot three films is going ahead, and possibly back to back. Bamigboye gives a timeline:

Hardy told me he will play the Depression-era Chicago crime tsar sometime next year and well into 2014, once he has completed work on a series of movies.

A trilogy right out of the gate? A long schedule for part one? Not obvious.

If we can believe everything he says (and why not?) it seems that Yates is going to booked his Cicero project with a couple of very different films. First up is the "heightened" and "trippy" drama Your Voice in My Head; then, eventually, he'll get around to that Doctor Who feature film – way off from now, I'd guess when Steven Moffat has moved on from the TV show and the rulebook can be ripped up more easily.