Trailer For Crazy, Stupid Love – UPDATED With Little Apple Mystery

The next film from Bad Santa scribes and I Love You Phillip Morris directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra will be Crazy, Stupid Love, a 'dating divorcee' comedy with a sharper-than-the-average streak. This time round, Requa and Ficarra didn't write, but inherited a very strong script by Dan Fogelman. Fogelman's writing strikes me as being like Peter Hedges meets Cameron Crowe but with a little lilt of his own, and I've enjoyed every page of his I've read.

Forget what it's like on the page, however – the film's cast is genuinely outstanding. I'd show up for any one of Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone or Marisa Tomei, but this project attracted them all. If I was making the poster, it would just be a list of their names – and that's only half because I'm really, really bad with photoshop.

Here's the trailer, which – of course – gives away a touch too much.


See the trailer in nice HD at Apple if you can.

UPDATE: The trailer appears to have been pulled from Apple, and I'm having to update the YouTube embed regularly. It looks like this version of the trailer is getting snuffed out, but I've no idea why.