Trailer For Doomed!, The Documentary About The Roger Corman Fantastic Four Movie

The 1994 film of The Fantastic Four was, if you're to believe Stan Lee amongst others, never intended to be released but made as way for co producer Bernd Eichinger to retain the expiring rights. Why it couldn't be both isn't entirely clear. I mean, rights retention was one of the major motivations behind Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man but they didn't scheme and schedule that one just for the vault.

A new documentary explores the production, and the producer's intentions for the film. It has been aptly titled Doomed!


I always did think The Thing FX look pretty good, all things considered.

Anyway, it seems like a hideous waste of effort and time. Surely any film deserves to go out and fend for itself somehow? Maybe the ease of digital distribution could see this officially released now, twenty years too later?

Thanks to Collider for the trailer.