Trailer For Movie-Themed iPhone/iPad Game Say What You See

You've probably seen a non-digital version of this game in magazines, and some online versions across the web, but Say What You See is the first iDevice version of the idea that I've seen. I'm telling you about because I've found it to be really rather addictive during my Xmas break…

Here's the basic idea:

There's a picture and hidden it are cryptic clues to film titles. You have to decipher them in order to name all of the films. It's that simple.

The app called The Collection offers you three iCanvases (ahem) – Books 2 Film, 80's Movies and Scary Movies. There's also top-up free canvases each month, and I'd presume more full ones to come further down the line.

Here's a trailer for the Scary Movies iCanvas:

I do like the name, Say What You See, from the immortal Roy Walker Catchphrase… er… catchphrase. That's all the instructionyou need, really. The artist is Amie Bolissian, of whom the official site says:

She is married to Tom McRae, Mercury and Brit award-nominated singer-songwriter, and currently lives half the year in England and half in New York, but mainly out of a suitcase, which is not nearly big enough for her collection of pretty cardigans. She once starred in a deodorant commercial but doesn't like to talk about it.