FIXED VIDEO: Noomi Rapace And Rachel McAdams Show Some Passion In Brian DePalma's Next

The TIFF YouTube account keeps expanding, just now adding the first trailer for Brian DePalma's "erotic thriller" Passion. 99.9% of films labelled as erotic thrillers have failed to satisfy on either count, but surely DePalma will manage one or the other?

Yeah, that looks like a Brian DePalma film. It looks more like a Brian DePalma film than it does Crime D'Amour, of which it is a remake. I mean, both had slightly canted long shots of offices in them – in their trailers, even – but that's a pretty slight stylistic cross-over.

I sought out Crime D'Amour once I found out DePalma was doing it over. It's not a bad basis for a bit of sort-of-thrilling silliness and I think this remake could be great fun.