TV Version Of Zombieland In The Works, Will Mean Death For The Film Sequel

TV Version Of Zombieland In The Works, Will Mean Death For The Film SequelAnd yea, the much-anticipated sequel did fall and was buried, but did arise once more as a delightfully rotting half-hour TV sitcom on Fox.

If this goes ahead then we'll run the above sentence as the headline [But With Every Word Capitalised, For Some Reason – Brendon]. Original writers of the surprisingly successful undead comedy Zombieland Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who are also writing the new Micronauts movie)- are in talks with Sony Pictures Television and Fox Broadcasting to develop a follow-up to the movie as a 30-minute zomcom for 2012-2013.

Producer Gavin Polone has also confirmed this, saying to NYMag that, "The original plan for this was to make it as a TV show." Apparently the show was originally pitched to CBS in 2005, but CBS "did what networks do, which is to take all the good stuff out" and ultimately passed on the show. Presumably to keep a spot open for yet another series of Survivor.

Good news for those of you who think that Zombieland would work best as a series, but bad news if you were hoping for the rumoured 3D movie sequel. Polone said it straight: ""If the TV show goes, then the sequel won't happen."

With The Walking Dead currently starting its second season with record viewing figures, and following the huge popularity of the short six-episode first season that was warily commissioned by AMC, it's still uncertain whether zombies on TV is something that the public just can't get enough of or whether there's only room for one zombie series on TV.

Also, unless Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg decide to take a break from their successful movie careers and settle for sitcom roles, it remains to be seen whether the show will work as well with whole new characters, or perhaps worse still, the same characters but all new cast.

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