Twelve Years Experience #6 by Joel Ronson: Switching Sides

A hit at the Kapow comic convention in London, Joel Ronson is a twelve year old young man who loves comic books. And wants to let other people in on it.

As anyone who knows me would expect, I saw X-Men: First Class on opening night and although it was a fun film, it wasn't incredible.

I found some of it unclear, very unclear, and when I say some I mean lots, which was a massive problem for me but it also had some awesome moments. And even if those moments didn't make up for the films un-clarity, I still found it enjoyable.

The acting was excellent, though, as were the special effects. And I loved finding out the origins of the characters, especially Erik who was a very complicated character.

So although Kick-Ass, a masterpiece by Jane Goldman, is the better film, X-Men: First Class still had that great Jane Goldman charm which made the film an enjoyable experience.

Right now, though, I think there is something even more exciting than the new X-Men film that I need to attend to, the DC relaunch!

The DC reboot with bring every DC comic set in the DC Universe published back to issue 1.

These titles will include Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Detective Comics, Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Aquaman. Of course there are other titles coming to issue 1 but I am sure the list would get boring.

I am most excited about Aquaman, as I don't think there are enough aquatic superheroes.

Talking about DC, I am sure you all remember when I said I am more of a Marvel man than DC, well not anymore!

I have really got into DC; the current Batman & Robin series is great and the future of DC is a lot more exciting than the future of Marvel with the DC relaunch.

And remember in my last column when I said that Superman is my second favorite character? Well now he is my favorite! I love Superman! I have no idea what I was talking about when I said he is a bit squeaky clean and a simple character in issue 2 of my column. He isn't squeaky clean and he isn't simple at all, his history is very complex and interesting. So yes, Superman is my favorite character.

And Batman is my second favorite character. So I am definitely a DC man.

Right now I have been really into the Batman & Superman team-ups ever since I read the amazing issue 710 of Superman, telling the story of when Superman and Batman first met and they were just Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. It was a massive amount of fun.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this issue of my column and I will be back next week! and I will be back next week!

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