Twitter Berates BAFTA For Stupid Olivia Colman Snub, And Rightly So

Twitter Berates BAFTA For Stupid Olivia Colman Snub, And Rightly So

I intended to file this story after my previous BAFTA post, but the day got away with me. Still, while I've been detained, things have only stepped up a gear.

Missing conspicuously from this year's BAFTA nominations was Olivia Colman, the female lead in Tyrannosaur, and probably best known for her TV work with Mitchell & Webb.

Tyrannosaur was one of the very few best films of 2011, and Colman gives a truly extraordinary performance. Not to put too fine a point on it: these award shows don't mean much, but along comes a platform for everybody to show their love for Colman, and also for Paddy Considine's remarkable film, and so they've taken it.

And I want to take it to.

Here are some of the best twitter responses to the snub, from public figures, and starting with David Mitchell because, well, it would seem strange not to, in a funny kind of way:

That's right – Edith Bowman carried a vote in the BAFTA film awards. Wow. Good for her. Glad she (seems to) have used it wisely.

The long and the short of it is this: these award ceremonies are a bit ridiculous at the best of times but overlooking Colman does seem particularly silly. Here's hoping the outrage at her exclusion does her career, and the profile of Tyrannosaur, more good than losing to somebody who deserved the award less than she does.

I'll be most amused, not to mention pleased, if Colman receives an Oscar nomination. That nice twist could be spun into some quite embarrassing headlines for BAFTA.

Right. I'm going to pop in my copy of Tyrannosaur on Blu-ray now and appreciate it all over again. Seems like the best idea.