A Pair Of Clips From The Newsroom Season Two – We're In Familiar Territory

My headline may sound like a bit of a slight on the show, but it's certainly not meant as one. I really enjoyed the first season of The Newsroom, a chance to fall into another world of Aaron Sorkin's creation. And it really is another of his worlds, filled with similar characters to his previous creations and showing off many of his easily identifiable tics.

Here's the first clip, which features Will, played by Jeff Daniels, forgetting someone's name. It's a direct call back to when he did the same thing in the very first episode of season one.


And here's clip number two, featuring Mac, played by Emily Mortimer, very earnestly disagreeing with Will's behaviour.


The Newsroom returns for season two this Sunday. If you still need to catch up on season one you can buy the American box set already and or pre-order the UK one, which is due for release on 22nd July.