Universal Going For A Bridesmaids Sequel, Even Without Kristen Wiig

While Kristen Wiig and her co-writer on Bridesmaids, Annie Mummolo, are drawing up plans for new and original films – and bravo to that – the studio are looking for a sequel to their unexpected smash. The Hollywood Reporter seem to believe that Wiig may have turned down an "eight figure deal" to take part:

With Wiig balking, Universal chief Ron Meyer took her to dinner in New York to see whether he could change her mind. He likely dangled an eight-figure payday before her, but the 38-year-old star held firm.

Likely? Okay, so they're guessing. Or perhaps just hedging their bets. And what's her age got to do with anything, exactly?

The first film was a real money spinner, and I can see that the accidental brand has some kind of franchise appeal, but this all smells of The Hangover Part 2 to me, and I certainly don't like that.

There's no indication yet of any other cast members or director Paul Feig having turned the project down, and Universal seem particularly keen to land Melissa McCarthy, who was perhaps the breakout star of the first picture, for the follow up. Chances are it will cost them, however – she's lining up projects all over the place, including another romcom with Feig and Jon Hamm.

As for producer Judd Apatow? According to "a source close to the situation", which I like to image was Apatow putting on a funny voice and leaving a voice mail in the wee small hours:

I don't think [Judd] would proceed without Kristen and Annie's full participation.

Perhaps they'll be able to buy Wiig's endorsement more easily than her involvement.

In better news: we'll next be able to see Ms. Wiig in Michelle Morgan, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini's Imogene which shows every sign of being a cracker. Bring it on.