VIDEO: A Clip From The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein

The horror comedy anthology Chillerama is a mixed bag – such is the nature of anthologies. The best installment, I think, is Adam Green's remarkable The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. I've seen it four times now and have been more taken with it every time.

In this clip you'll see Adolf Hitler discover the diary of the title.  If you're outside the US, you'll have to get creative to play this. I'm sure you know what to do.

Joel David Moore's performance as Hitler is quite remarkable, and the further the film progresses, the deeper he goes, and the more outrageous the dissonance between what he's saying and the accompanying subtitles becomes.

Green isn't just trying to get easy laughs out of the Holocaust here, he's got the Nazis and everything they stood for locked firmly in his target… for a big, humiliating custard pie.

That might not seem like most effective weapon against such hate, but I can't think of anything that undermines it better.

Chillerama is released on DVD and Blu-ray across the US tomorrow. It also contains Joe Lynch's ball-busting but heartfelt installment, Zom-B Movie, which comes with some of the most fast paced movie quoting I have ever seen.

Meanwhile, Adam Rifkin's Wadzilla has Ray Wise, some good gags and a brilliant Chiodo Bros. monster, and Tim Sullivan's wobbly I Was a Teenage Werebear at least has its heart in the right place.