Video: The Full Muppets Just For Laughs 2012 Live Special

UPDATE: The video has now been deleted. I hope you got to see it in time. Sorry.

One smoking hot ticket at this year's Montreal Just For Laughs festival was a live show by The Muppets and some stand up comedian guests.

The show was filmed for Canadian TV and has now been made available online. This TV version seems to be edited from a few sessions of the live show – not all of these comedians were on the same bill, I believe, and some Muppet scenes are missing, such as Gonzo's work with Cirque du Poulet.

But this is cracking stuff. There's a really great opening bit about Canada and later on, Fozzie gets to do a set of his classics. Just skip ahead judiciously when it gets to the "titles" or "commercial breaks."

ALL ACCESS MUPPETS 60m CONTENT CUT V2 from Brent Schiess on Vimeo.

Isn't it interesting that The Muppets sometimes flunked their lip-syncing in that show? So odd. I almost wondered if they were doing it on purpose. I mean… you'd expect them to be pretty good at it, right?

Don't forget that Disney seem to have early plans for a big, big live Muppet show, possibly on Broadway. That may never come to pass, but it's nice to know they're looking into it.