Watch: Jay Z's Picasso Baby, A Short Film Directed By Mark Romanek

A ten minute short film directed by Mark Romanek premiered on HBO on Friday and has now been made available online. The short documents a performance art project by Shawn Carter aka Jay Z in which he performed Picasso Baby, the second track from Magna Carta… Holy Grail, for six hours straight.

The piece was inspired by Marina Abramovic and her lengthy solo project The Artist is Present and Abramovic was one of the many people invited to witness the performance and also take part.

Amongst those attending the performance in New York were a number of celebrities including Jim Jarmusch, Michael K. Williams, Adam Driver, Rosie Perez, Alan Cumming and Judd Apatow. Some just seemed to enjoy watching the performance, some joined in and others did some sort of skit. Apatow unsurprisingly seemed to play it for laughs.

The short does a good job of giving a sense of what the event must have been like to experience, with eight cameras used to capture the action, but I suspect this was one of those art pieces which you had to be present for to really appreciate it fully.


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