Weekend Viewing: All Eight Episodes Of Adam Buxton's Excellent Bug

Adam Buxton

Adam Buxton's Bug began as a stage show at the BFI in London in 2007. It was so successful that Adam Buxton has since taken it on the road and sold out a large number of shows all over the UK.

The idea behind Bug is that Buxton selects music videos, makes funny video sketches, sings songs and reads out YouTube comments in a hilarious manner. I've been to a few of the shows and I've enjoyed them a great deal. I've also taken new people with me each time, and they've all become converts. Bug really is an infectious experience.

The Bug live shows are great but they are often rather difficult to get tickets for and, of course, they don't play everywhere. As a remedy, July 2012 saw the birh of the Bug television series on Sky Atlantic here in the UK. It was absolutely marvellous and captured the spirit of the live shows really well.

Unfortunately not everyone has Sky Atlantic or lives in the UK, but don't worry: Adam Buxton has now generously uploaded all eight episodes to YouTube and they are  freely available for anyone to watch.

If you're about to click play on the first episode I would suggest making sure you have the next three hours to yourself. You're going to want to keep going until they're all done.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8