We've Also Got The Scoop On Adam Green's New Horror Sitcom Holliston

During Brendon's highly illuminating talk with Adam Green at Frightfest, he also got the writer-director to talk a bit about his new TV series, Holliston, which is presumably named after Green's home town of Holliston, Massachusetts.

"The show is called Holliston, it's the first ever horror sitcom. It's kind of like the anti-Friends, so it's a multi-camera show, on a set, with a laughtrack – the whole thing. Joe Lynch and I star as two guys who are aspiring horror filmmakers, and there's an alien who lives in my closet who gives me dating advice, and we have a cross-dressing transsexual boss.

It's very crazy, there's exploding heads, there's gore, and it's for FEARNet and the United States which is a new cable network that's just coming out. We'll see how it does but nobody's ever tried it before. It could be the biggest failure ever or it could start a whole new genre of sitcom."

Brendon then asked whether the laughter track is going to be provided by a live audience. He was probably fishing for a seat in the filming studio, the little tart.

"This first season the laugh track is going to be canned, because we don't have the budget to actually bring them in. Although now, I just got a call earlier that they think we might actually have a live audience, so I don't know exactly yet. We'll see. We start shooting in 15 days."

Holliston sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, though who knows if it will be shown over here in the UK. If you'd like to see it you should start pestering E4 to pick it up, since they seem to like their US shows.