William Gibson's Unused Alien 3 Screenplay Inspires New Aliens Videogame

William Gibson's Unused Alien 3 Screenplay Inspires New Aliens Videogame

There were several unused ideas for Alien 3, and I expect many of them would have served us better than the half-hearted compromise we ended up with.

One of the unfilmed screenplays was written by William Gibson, the accidental futurist and sci-fi novellist who changed the sci-fi scene radically in the early 80s with his "cyberpunk" touchstone, Neuromancer.

Now, officially or unofficially, material from Gibson's screenplay appears to have inspired the videogame, Aliens Infestation.

It doesn't seem the connection has been officially announced, just inferred by a journalist at Nintendo Power. Ten Alien geek points to that (wo)man.

While they don't cite all of the connections, the journalist reveal a pretty big one:

There are human bad guys to battle at first (from the "Union of Progressive Peoples", one of Gibson's cutting-room concepts) and then… well, guess.

I hope there's a lot more to it than that. I've read Gibson's script and think there's an abundance of interesting ideas many of which could making for some nice gaming backstory.

Now, whereas Gibson's script featured Ripley, Hicks and Newt throughout, the movie produced took the franchise continuity in a different direction. Infestation's lead characters are new creations, allowing the game to work as an intermediate chapter in the four-movie narrative.

Or as some deniers would have it, three-movie narrative. And some others, two-movie narrative.

Here's a trailer for Infestation on the Nintendo DS.


Looks rather Metroid-y, which explains why the Nintendo Power article ended up scanned and posted at Metroid Database. It also explains why I'm already contemplating the purchase now.