Zach Braff To Direct His Next Original Film… Someday

Zach Braff To Direct His Next Original Film… SomedayZach Braff may have his hands full re-writing and directing and wrangling wild thing Cameron Diaz in Swingles this autumn (or winter), but just like you and the good folks at Timeout NY, we here at Bleeding Cool want to know about his next masterpi… erm, film.

Sadly, Mr Braff likes to keep his cards close to his chest. So much so that the best the worldwide web has to offer on the subject is the following:

What's the original thing you're working on?
[Coyly] It's still too early for me to talk about the plot, but that's something more in the Garden State oeuvre.

Um, okay. I didn't know that one film could count as a whole oeuvre. Nonetheless, awareness of this petit morceau came courtesy of our peers over at The Playlist.