Return of Wolverine Launch Trailer Declares: When Fans Speak, Marvel Listens

Marvel has released a launch trailer for Return of Wolverine, the event comic that will finally bring back Wolverine after Marvel dragged it out for a god damn year. The video features artwork from the comic, as well as appearances by Akira Yoshida, Jordan White's mustache, and writer Charles Soule.

In the trailer, Yoshida, otherwise known as Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, makes the case that Marvel totally planned to keep Wolverine dead when they killed him, but Charles Soule had such an amazing story they just had to tell it.

"We always say 'dead is dead,'" said Cebulski, somehow keeping a straight face. "Unless there is a great story in which we can bring him back. And Charles had that story."

Plus, the fans were beating down Marvel's door asking for this.

"Wolverine's just one of those characters that appeals to people," Cebulski continued. "Anytime he goes away for any reason, demand has never been greater to bring him back.

Whenever Poochie's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking: where's Poochie?

"When the fans speak, we listen," Cebulski concluded.

While Soule has a warning: "The story is definitely not for little kid readers of Wolverine."

Pick up Return of Wolverine #1 in stores next Wednesday and watch the trailer below.

Return of Wolverine Launch Trailer Declares: When Fans Speak, Marvel Listens

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