Rick and Morty #41 Review: Enter the Rick Revenge Squad

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Party Dog wants revenge on Rick Sanchez. Rick killed several Party Dog's lieutenants a few months back, and he's putting together a kill crew to take care of the spiky-haired earthling. The Rick Revenge is made up of Peacock Jones, Mr. Sick, Prince Detrar of Mars, and a man on the inside on Earth. Can Rick and Morty survive this onslaught?

In a back-up story, Rick and Morty take a few public domain figures to task.

Rick and Morty #41 cover by Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern
Rick and Morty #41 cover by Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern

The idea of a Legion of Doom/Masters of Evil uniting to kill Rick Sanchez and his family is a great idea, and I'm surprised it wasn't done sooner in either the comic or the show. This menagerie of a pervert Doctor Who rip-off, super-buff Mr. Meeseeks that has long outlived his purpose, and a prince of Mars make for a distinctly Rick and Morty villain team.

There are two other members actually: the one on Earth and one that shows up late in the game which I won't spoil.

There are many solid jokes spread throughout too, my favorite being what Party Dog wants to do with Rick's skull after he dies.

The back-up story with the public domain figures doesn't really go anywhere beyond making an easy joke about the public domain and the characters in it.

Rick and Morty #41 art by Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern
Rick and Morty #41 art by Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern

Marc Ellerby and Sarah Stern once again do an excellent job of bringing the show's art style to the page. The visual design of Mr. Sick is one of my favorite things about this book, and the color palette is aptly all over the place. Jarrett Williams's art in the back-up story is a little less neat, but it still suits the show well.

Rick and Morty #41 is another good issue of this comic series. The show once again proves highly receptive to comic adaptation, going down the path of the "legion of antagonists" trope common to superhero comics. The book is funny and action-packed and earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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