Rick Remender's Image Comics Art Dump is a Cure for Coronavirus Blues

…But not for coronavirus itself, no matter what Donald Trump may tell you.

As the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent comics industry shutdown has comic book readers on edge, wondering when they'll get their next fix of weekly superhero chapbooks, a hero has emerged with a seemingly endless supply of clickbait article fodder to save the day. Of course we're talking about Rick Remender, who, stuck in the house himself, has been going through old file folders and showing off art and rejected story pitches from his career.

Yesterday, we learned about Remender's plans for taking over the X-books that never came to be after Remender told Marvel to drown in hobo piss in 2014 after they wanted him to write the corporately-mandated story that would become known as Inhumans vs. X-Men. Earlier today, we looked at Remender's rejected pitch for a Spider-Man story bursting with bug-themed baddies.

Now, we've collected all of Remender's tweets showing off concept art, designs, promotional artwork, and others from the all-star lineup of artists that have partnered with Remender for creator-owned comics at Image.

Remender, we raise a tall glass of hobo piss to you. Not only have you been keeping comic fans occupied, but you're singlehandedly providing a stimulus to the clickbait comics media in these difficult times. Cheers!

bros drinking it up
Bros Drinking Hobo Piss – Photo By Syda Productions

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