Rick Remender's Wild Hearts of Darkness Sequel Would Bring Back CapWolf

Rick Remender's latest rejected story pitch shared on Twitter is a bonkers revival of 1990s storyline Hearts of Darkness that includes an alternate-dimension Dr. Strange, in a polyamorous relationship with Clea and Brother Voodoo, a vampire Wolverine, the return of CapWolf, and the invention of the Cosmic Ghost Rider 7 years early.

Thanks to coronavirus quarantines, superstar writer Rick Remender has been taking a little trip down memory lane, posting old artwork from his comics and sharing rejected story ideas, mostly from his time at Marvel. So far, we've learned about Remender's plans for taking over the X-books that never came to be after Remender told Marvel to drown in hobo piss in 2014 over the corporately-mandated Inhumans vs. X-Men. We've looked at Remender's rejected pitch for a Spider-Man story bursting with bug-themed baddies and saw a veritable crap ton of artwork from Remender's various creator-owned Image Comics series. We even got to read part of a Namor pitch that was basically Frank Miller's Daredevil: Born Again meets The Little Mermaid.

Remender is a one-man walking stimulus for the beleaguered comics media in these dark times, and we want to say we appreciate him.

So on to the Hearts of Darkness pitch, which Remender says was from 2011.

In this wild pitch for a three-issue mini-series named after the 1990s team-up that saw Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and the Punisher take on Mephisto's son, Blackheart, Doctor Strange, Clea, and Brother Voodoo rule an alternate dimension where magic and the supernatural have taken over. To kick the story off, Captain America, who is also Ghost Rider, is killed off. Meanwhile, Franken-Castle, the undead version of Frank Castle from Remender's Punisher run, becomes the new Ghost Rider, beating The Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates to the punch in combining the two characters by seven years. And as if that isn't enough, the story also features Vampire Wolverine vs. Werewolf Captain America in the Twilight remake we never knew we needed. And yes, we're sure you probably think we're making this up, but, well, just look:



Remender has said that none of these stories are things he is interested in doing any more, and we have to respect his wishes, but, damn… we really want this one.

Cheers to you, Rick Remender. We raise a tall glass of hobo piss to your willingness to fill the void of a no-new-comics world with the comics that might have been.

bros drinking it up
Bros Drinking Hobo Piss – Photo By Syda Productions



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