Rob Liefeld Thanks Supporters for Help in War Against… Juggalos?!

He's taken on teenagers. He's taken on Millennials. Now, he faces his greatest challenge yet. Superstar comic book artist Rob Liefeld expressed gratitude Wednesday for supporters he credits with "circling the wagons" in a dispute apparently between Liefeld and the Juggalos, a group of hardcore fans of the Michigan rap group Insane Clown Posse, also sometimes known colloquially as clownbronies.

Rob Liefeld Thanks Supporters for Help in War Against... Juggalos?!


"We all put ourselves out in public in this platform, exposing ourselves to potential abuse," Liefeld said. "You guys have really circled the wagons for me as this, shall we say, insane clown posse, hurled their vile obscenities at me this week. I really appreciate it."

Liefeld's tweet came as a surprise for many who didn't even realize the Deadpool creator was feuding with the Juggalos, perhaps too distracted by Liefeld's feud with Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn over the costume design for the film's titular star, Margot Robbie. But while fans of Birds of Prey may be a force to reckon with, the Juggalos are classified as a gang by the FBI and are known for being frequently under the influence of Faygo soda and other illicit narcotics, making them the far more formidable foes.

Rob Liefeld Thanks Supporters for Help in War Against… Juggalos?!

Thankfully, even under fire from the vicious Juggalos, Liefeld's supporters continued to stand by him.


It's unclear at this time why Liefeld has been feuding with the Insane Clown Posse and their clownbronies in the first place, but it presumably has something to do with a disagreement over how magnets work, a sore topic amongst the group who are known to find the subject deeply perplexing. We'll keep you posted on this breaking story as more information becomes available.

Rob Liefeld Thanks Supporters for Help in War Against… Juggalos?!

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