Robert Redford Tries To Free Aim Activist, And It Has Nothing To Do With Captain America

It's such an odd headline on CNN, considering Robert Redford's role as head of SHIELD in Captain America; The Winter Soldier, an organisation fighting against Hydra, AIM and the like for decades in the comics.



But it's a more serious matter, Redford has in mind, pardoning a man sentenced to two consecutive death sentences.

There has been a decades-long dispute about whether Peltier killed the two FBI agents. Before he died, Bob Robideau, one of the men acquitted in the shooting, admitted he killed both men.

But Peltier has stayed locked up, despite pleas from such luminaries as the late Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, retired South African archbishop Desmond Tutu and the actor and director Robert Redford to have his sentence commuted.

Redford's 1992 documentary, Incident at Oglala, recounted the facts of the case and focused in on Peltier's trial. Now that Peltier is in poor health, Redford and others are renewing their efforts to draw attention to the case.

It wouldn't be a story that Bleeding Cool would normally cover. But that headline did draw our attention. And any attention given to this case has to be a good thing.

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