5 Kryptonians in a Thanagarian Prison in 3 Pages from Supergirl #33 [Preview]

Supergirl #33 is out from DC Comics next week, by Marc Andreyko and Julio Ferreira. And over the next few days, DC Comics will provide EX-X-XCLUSIVE previews of Supergirl and all their other comics to compliant media partner websites. Bleeding Cool, unfortunately, is neither compliant nor a partner. Some might argue we're hardly even media.

But we do have 3 pages from Supergirl #33 ahead of its EX-X-XCLUSIVE debut, courtesy of a Mysterious Benefactor, in which we start with a recap of recent events…

Supergirl #33 [Preview]

And find the El family, captors of Thanagar, discussing their plans… unfortunately, someone invited mean old Uncle Zod to this gathering, and he seems to have brought a lot of negativity…

Supergirl #33 [Preview]

And then, a little taste of how this came to be, with Supergirl once again challenging Rogul Zaar for control of the ax…

Supergirl #33 [Preview]

Supergirl #33 hits stores on Wednesday.

(W) Marc Andreyko (A) Julio Ferreira (A/CA) Eduardo Pansica
After a year in space solving the mystery of Krypton's demise, Supergirl returns to Earth to discover that everything she knew as Kara Danvers is gone! Plus, the usurper Brainiac-1 has set his sights on the unsuspecting Girl of Steel-and his plans are far from benevolent!
In Shops: Aug 14, 2019
SRP: $3.99

Supergirl #33 [Preview]

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