Chris Nolan Vs. Alain Resnais In The Battle Of The Movie Maps

Here's Chris Nolan's map of the dream-skipping semi-continuity of Inception.

And here's Alain Resnais' map of the sliced-n-diced chronology of Last Year at Marienbad.

Seems that the debts owed to Marienbad by Mr. Nolan and his Inception cohort don't just stop at what we see on screen. I'm tagging this as a Swipe File even though I'm not screaming that out in the headline, if that's okay with you.

Note how Nolan's map is quite untidy and portrays something relatively simple in a fairly fussy manner. Contrast with Resnais' complex set of information streamlined into a very clean and concise form.

I'm just sayin', is all.

Images from In Contention and Mubi, with thanks to Hog for the research.