Talking Comics – Aquaman #1, Wonder Woman #1, Flash #1, Deadpool Vs Gambit #1 & More!

Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week's upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines.

Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say:

Thanks for pressing play!

It's another wave of new #1's from DC Comics this week!

Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman get their new Rebirth series this week and we're really excited to see them all! Why isn't Wonder Woman's lasso working anymore? Who will be affected by the Speed Force storm that is happening around Barry? Will Aquaman be able to maintain peace between the sea world and the surface world? We'll find out starting this week!

Apparently, they used to do con jobs together and they're back doing it again! That's right, Deadpool and Gambit face off against one another on their latest job! Who do you think will win?

For everyone that loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens, now you can own it in comic book form as the movie gets adapted for comic books starting this week! Relive the adventures of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren with this epic adaptation!

Tons of Civil War 2 tie-ins are on the shelves this week as well! Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Sam Wilson, and more have to decide how they will handle this new war and what sides they will be on!

Don't miss our Question of the Week! We need to know some very specific information about what you do with your comics! Tell us below!

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