The Daily LITG, 5th February 2019 – Happy Birthday Jeremy Love

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Top five most-read stories yesterday

  1. Nintendo Teases Final Fantasy VII Coming Soon on Nintendo Switch
  2. British SAS Troops Told to Stop Putting Punisher Skulls on Their Helmets
  3. The Mike Wieringo Cover That Wasn't, But Went Up In Flames – With Mike S. Miller and Cully Hamner
  4. 'Supernatural' 300th Episode Marathon: What Was TNT Thinking, Dean?
  5. Bill Morrison, No Longer VP Executive Editor of DC Comics or Editor of MAD Magazine

Happening today:

Happy birthday to:

The Daily LITG, 5th February 2019 – Happy Birthday Jeremy Love

  • Jeremy Love, creator of Fierce and Bayou.
  • Comics journalist Kevin Huxford.
  • David Blake Lucarelli, writer of Tinseltown, Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show & The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade.
  • Atomic Rex Entertainment  co-creator, Gene Selassie.
  • Doug Alexander Gregory, artist on Hellblazer, Genext, Penthouse Comix.
  • Kelly McQuain, Elementals penciller.
  • Mark Bloodworth, artist on Deadworld and Hellraiser.
  • Val Semeiks, artist on The Demon and Lobo, Wolverine and Batman, c0-creator of Lobo The Duck.
  • Marty Pahls, author of The Complete Crumb Comics.

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