Tom King and Tom Taylor Team Up on Twitter to Cancel Mitch Gerads

Tom King and Tom Taylor are often confused largely due to both being comic book writers with the name Tom. But what if these two superstars teamed up for a common cause? How powerful would they be… and would they put that power to good use?

We got to see exactly that happen Saturday when superstar artist Mitch Gerads responded to a New Yorker cartoon posted by Peter J. Tomasi making fun of Batman's young sidekick, Robin.

Gerads pointed out that he had previously posted the cartoon, leading to claims that he was against youth activism. Tom King, a longtime creative partner of Gerads, shockingly turned on his friend to agree with the critics. Even more stunningly, Tom Taylor soon joined in, asking whether Gerads should be canceled and launching the hashtag #MitchHatesBabies.

Gerads attempted to defend himself, but was it too late?

Especially if Twitter powerhouse Gail Simone is enticed to get involved.

We'll be closely monitoring this situation (for additional clickbait article potential) and will keep you updated.

Tom King and Tom Taylor Team Up on Twitter to Cancel Mitch Gerads


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