Topless Or Not? This Is How The Thing Reacts To Bendis' Writing Of The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS)

There are spoilers for Guardians Of The Galaxy #15, published by Marvel today, and for Jessica Jones #3.

After the events of Secret Wars, The Thing took a jaunt round the universe with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. They lost their space ship in Civil War II, and at the end of Infamous Iron Man, the Thing had a new role.


But how did he get there? Well first he had to find out what had been going on in the comics that Brian Bendis had been writing.


And made this face.


More of Bendis' plotlines had to be explained, as he gave the kind of reaction common amongst Bleeding Cool commentators.


But he did make sure to mock the work of other writers from decades ago, just for balance.


And at the end we get the same scene from Infamous Iron Man played out. Though this time, The Thing isn't topless.


That's what I call unstable molecules.

Oh and in The Civl War II crossover Spider-Man #10, Miles Morales tells his friends what happened in Civil War II #7. That is basically the entire plot.

image-13While Jessica Jones #3, without a Civil War II slug on the cover is absolutely a crossover as the kidnapper of Jones from last issue…

image-14…is revealed as the innocent SHIELD employee mis-identified as a Hydra agent by Ulysses. Though how that identification was arrived at is still unclear. Put it in the mix with why Cyclops was a mutant enemy number one, and how the Thing can be topless and clothed simultaneously. Call it Schrodinger's Thing?

And of course, when all this intra-superhero fighting is going on…


…vampires! What would the Thing's reaction to that be?



Guardians Of The Galaxy #15, Jessica Jones #3, Spider-Man #10 and Old Man Logan #15 are published by Marvel today.



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