Now USPS Has Matthew Rosenberg's Package and They Won't Deliver It

Everyone in comics loves a good sequel, well, except Alan Moore, and what better sequel could you imagine than one for the classic 2018 dispute between Marvel Comics writer Matthew Rosenberg and the FedEx delivery service? Rosenberg's fight to get FedEx to deliver his package went on for nearly a week, with Rosenberg providing live updates on his Twitter feed. Eventually, he got his package, one day after Bleeding Cool published an investigative report on the matter. Coincidence? You be the judge.

In any case, Rosenberg has taken to Twitter once again with a new shipping dispute, this time with the United States Postal Service. Rosenberg first indicated there was an issue last weekend, tweeting:

But it turns out the issue had been going on for weeks, even creating an alliance of sorts between Rosenberg and his former enemy, FedEx.

Well, as Shakespeare once said, missed delivery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.

When the package continued to be missing in action, Rosenberg sought to resolve the dispute directly with the USPS, but soon turned to sarcasm to attack his new foe:

But a full twenty days since the package's original delivery date, Rosenberg was no closer to obtaining his cherished goods than before.

Some might argue that when one has a single dispute with a delivery service, the problem is with the delivery service. But if one has disputes with multiple delivery services, might one consider that they might actually be the problem? Well, as it turns out, Rosenberg isn't the only one to have trouble with his local post office branch.

It looks like Rosenberg's current postal opponent is an enemy unlike any he's ever faced. Will the post office locate and deliver Rosenberg's package in a timely manner? Will the postal universe be rocked to its foundations as a result? Can a little help from Bleeding Cool once again save the day? We'll be keeping a close eye on this situation with the hope of extracting at least one more clickbait article out of it, so stay tuned!

And, er… buy Hawkeye: Freefall #2, in stores now. But don't have it shipped. It's best to pick it up yourself, given the ongoing hostilities.

(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Otto Schmidt (CA) Kim Jacinto
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USPS Has Matthew Rosenberg's Package and They Won't Deliver It

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