The Walking Dead Is All Over The Daily LITG, 5th June 2020

The world seems like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but fandom still brings us together. These are strange times, but The Daily LITG is becoming a valuable way to quantify just what comic book geek culture is up to in this time of trial. Yesterday that saw The Walking Dead respond to complaints about their handling of Black Lives Matter content. Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters, a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.

 The Walking Dead Is All Over The Daily LITG, 5th June 2020.
The Walking Dead Is All Over The Daily LITG, 5th June 2020.

The Walking Dead and the eleven most-read stories yesterday

Bleeding Cool continues to report from the comics industry shutdown, as it starts to ramp up, and saw The Walking Dead address those who objected to their BLM coverage while Doctor Who paused their tweetalongs. Here's the eleven top stories of the day.

  1. The Walking Dead Has Message for Fans Bothered By Its BLM Support
  2. Doctor Who Lockdown Canceled: "Doesn't Seem Appropriate at This Time"
  3. My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Is Deadly in Her New Kotobukiya Statue
  4. The Punisher Has Words For Police Who Use His Skull Logo (#13 Spoilers)
  5. More DC Characters Realise They're Rebooted (Action Comics Spoilers)
  6. Star Trek Facepalm Arrives at Diamond Select for SDCC 2020
  7. Jonathan Hickman Explains How His X-Men Relates to Current Events
  8. Marvel Comics Collections Reveal Details Of What Would Have Been
  9. Masters Of The Universe Origins Figure Photos Debut Online
  10. LEGO Requests Stores Pull White House, Police, & More From Marketing
  11. Lucifer Cancelled, Final Story Released as a DC Graphic Novel

Five stories, one year ago

A happier, more halcyon time. Who'd have thought we'd look back on 2019 so fondly? Even if this was when Bleeding Cool first ran rumours that Vertigo was being closed and Walking Dead was coming to an end too…

  1. After Twenty-Six Years, DC Comics Rumoured to Close Vertigo
  2. The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for Tomorrow's Walking Dead #192
  3. 'Animal Kingdom' & 'Sons of Anarchy': SAMCRO/Cody Crossover [Opinion]
  4. Sugar Pine 7 Announced Their Channel Has Been Canceled
  5. The Walking Dead Comic Will Lose a Familiar Name Tomorrow With #192 (No Spoilers)

Comic Book Events happening today

There would also have been signings, appearances, symposia, all manner of comic book-related events. But a few have gone online, and here are some still happening today, on the Daily LITG. Including The Walking Dead's Skybound Entertainments with some rare variants to flog.

Comic Book birthdays today

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comic folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date. With eleven years for us as well.

  • Ed Catto, co-founder of The Bonfire Agency.
  • David Gallaher, co-creator of High Moon, Box 13 and The Only Living Boy.
  • Dave Lanphear, comic book letterer.
  • Mark Rahner, author of The Twilight Zone, Vampirella, Army of Darkness, Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris and more.
  • Glenn Arseneau of The Price and Greyman.
  • Don Ventura, comic book reviewer.
  • Richard Neal, owner of Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas and co-creator of the Variants webseries.

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